About the President of Common Sense Business Solutions, Inc.

Cynthia Alloway 

Founder and president of Common Sense Business Solutions, Cynthia Alloway has contributed greatly to the success of hundreds of small businesses in the Hillsborough County area for more than 26 years.

Rooted in the construction industry, Alloway gained valuable experience managing a crew of 40 engineering technicians bringing them from the least profitable team to one of the most profitable nationally in only one year. Recognizing that her expertise could benefit businesses in many different industries, Alloway decided to venture out on her own in 1993 to establish and later incorporate as Common Sense Business Solutions – a consulting company dedicated to helping business owners make intelligent financial decisions and ethically minimize exposure to risk.

Armed with years of experience as a certified QuickBooks Pro advisor and Dave Ramsey Financial Counselor as well as quite a bit of patience and determination, Alloway has yielded hundreds of success stories. As a graduate of EntreLeadership, she encourages her clients with a heart of a teacher. In one year she helped turn a company around from a loss of 33,000 dollars to a profit of more than 250,000 dollars. She’s also been featured nationwide as a special guest on Business Leader WS Radio and invited to speak in front of many different professional groups.


Passionate about giving back to her community, Alloway volunteers to speak each year in remedial high school reading classes at the Great American Teach-In. “Simply asking those students and showing sincere interest in what they want to do with their lives can make such an impact” says Alloway. She also contributes to many charities that align with her faith and values including Childfund International, Joy FM, Race for the Cure, Veteran’s Assistance Project and Metropolitan Ministries. On the weekends you will probably find her relaxing by the pool and playing a game of Uno with her family.

The Brandon community is blessed to have such a strong-willed woman committed to her work as well as her ministry. Her determination and genuine heart continues to be an inspiration to those who know her both professionally and personally.