Financial Counseling

Common Sense Business Solutions also provides personal solutions.

There's very little that is harder on a relationship than money problems. Over 80% of couples going through a divorce state that financial conflict is a major factor in the breakdown of their marriage. Financial crisis such as job loss, medical expenses, home foreclosure, and car repossession are all financially trying and require the attention of a dedicated professional. Facing these problems every day can wear down even the most optimistic person. 

Our solution.

Since 2001, we have provided financial counseling through 1 on 1 sessions that also include the building of an action plan to defeat your personal and family financial challenges. Using Dave Ramsey's guidelines and principals, we will work with and guide you with a teacher's heart and the patience you need. Your situation will be reviewed, a budget and debt elimination schedule will be prepared custom-built to your circumstances. 

It is important to consider Financial Counseling if you admit:

  • I am financially adrift with no clear goals or budget.
  • I carry way too much debt.
  • I consistently have trouble paying bills.
  • I have a hard time discussing financial topics.
  • Creditors and debt collectors are hassling me. 
  • I am worried about foreclosure, repossession, lawsuits, or judgments.
  • Bankruptcy seems to be my only option. 

Or you have a change in mindset:

  • I am ready not just to survive, but to thrive!
  • I am ready to overcome all of my debt!
  • I am ready to plan my financial future!

Financial Counseling is also a wise investment for:

  • Newlyweds or engaged couples
  • Anyone facing a major life change such as a new job with a pay change, the birth of a baby, divorce, death of spouse.
  • Inability of money manager in household to continue their role. 
  • Those facing divorce, especially when money issues are the focus of martial difficulty. 
  • Students preparing for college.
  • Seniors thinking about retiring.