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For anyone considering hiring Cynthia Alloway, your efforts, time and money will NOT be wasted. Cynthia is one of the most “on task” persons I have ever worked with. She gives an amazingly thorough evaluation and analysis of your business. She provides detailed reports with diagnosis of the problems to work through and action steps to achieve the results you’re looking for. You receive that report usually within 24 hours. She exhibits a true concern for helping your business grow. Over the years, I have worked with various national consulting firms that force you into contracts and charge high dollar amounts. With Cynthia, you get lightning fast results without any of the hassles.
— Dr. Glen Thornton, Thornton Chiropractic Center
I just wanted to take a minute and say Thank you for your time and wisdom. It really opened our eyes on the complexity of a partnership. We have decided to stay two separate companies and work together side by side. You are an awesome resource and as I go through clients, I will keep you in mind as a referral.
— Dustie Amatangelo, Personal Marketing Solutions
Load Lifted off My Shoulders

Thanks so much for meeting with me today. I really felt like I had a load lifted off my shoulders because you made me see that things are not as bad as I had them in my head to be. I look forward to meeting next week. Thanks again.
Baggage Removal

I would like to express my appreciation for your feedback during your financial counseling session yesterday. You have a unique vantage point to see the “baggage” that contributes to the potential for failure of relationships. I don’t want to fall victim to the destructive behavior patterns of the past. I am committed to do whatever it takes to remove the stumbling blocks to our future happiness.
I have already ordered a copy of the resources that you recommended.

Thank you again for your help, understanding, and counseling.
Thank you so much for fixing my issue with Amex not to mention reconciling my statements tonight. You are amazing! I could not believe how fast you performed the tasks not to mention the material you covered in that time frame. I consider you my most valuable business advisor and partner, and you will always be my loyal and trusted friend. I am forever grateful for the support you provide to me each year. John also is very appreciative of your support and service with my business and our personal taxes.We wish you much prosperity and continued success in all your business endeavors!
— Annette Harting, Harting Corporation
Cynde is my “go to” business adviser, counselor, mentor and ambassador. We met through Crown Financial Ministries where she has been a faithful Money Map Coach (budget counselor) for many years. I can always count on her professional expertise and willingness to help others. Her advice is “right on” in all situations. I recommend her as often as I can.
— Bob Swatland, Crown Financial Ministries
Cynde has been an exceptional force in supporting and helping me in the growth my business. She would be an asset to any business with bookkeeping and her excellent coaching skills. She was also my rock in supporting me through the sale of my business! I look forward to taking on a new venture with her there to keep me straight.
— Sallie Turko, GFI Tampa Bay
Looking Forward to Less Bills

I just wanted to write and thank you for our visit tonight. A lot of what you said, we had already thought about but didn’t want to believe was really necessary to do. But I am SO GLAD that you emphasized those points. We are pretty bummed but we both know it’s the right and necessary thing to do. And, we will get through this and be so much better off. I am looking forward to seeing less bills in our mailbox, already! What you said about getting our kids to become more responsible adults also really hit home too. I just realized our teenager has zero clue how to even load up a dishwashing machine.... or run a load of laundry!
— Annon

Needs vs Wants

Since meeting with you, reading/doing our workbook, working off a budget for two months & having the mind set of “Needs vs Wants,” we feel we have our situation under control. My wife is starting a full time job next week - This move will more than double her income! I ended up getting that raise and will be able to tithe and pay off my debt in approx. 17 months. We truly feel the Lord led us to you and we know in our hearts that we are on “road to recovery.” Thanks for all of your time and commitment.
Rethinking Business and Family Priorities

Your visit really inspired me and helped me rethink my business goals and my family priorities and goals too! I am so appreciative of your time. Thanks for your ideas and organizational techniques shared.
My name is Shannon Smith. I started a business last year, but wasn’t sure of what was needed in the “back-end” to that business. I had heard of, and met Cynde at networking functions several times. Everyone told me she was the best. Even so I wasn’t ready to have someone tell me what to do in MY BUSINESS! I figured I would go to one of her seminars, just to see what it was all about. I went to the “Financial Statements: the Language of your business.” Best money I could have spent. Not only did she show me where some trouble spots were in my business, and she went over areas I didn’t even know I needed to know!
I got my business back into shape, I thought, until I went to her next seminar – “Put it in the Box” This class showed me how disorganized I was, in fact, some areas were so disorganized I didn’t know I was. After implementing her ideas, and her follow up that comes with her services, I can honestly say I have learned a lot about what is needed to have a successful business.
Anyone looking to learn about the nuts and bolts of good business practices, Cynde is the way to go.
Feel free to contact me ANY time to ask about her, just be prepared to listen for awhile!

(813) 494-8249

— Shannon Smith, Hippocampus Marketing
Cynthia Alloway practices financial counseling with intelligence, great skill and insightful solutions compassionately applied according to her client’s needs. Quite simply, she’s a life saver.
— Michael Osbourne
Hi Cynde, I’ve been meaning to let you know how much I enjoyed your seminar. I’ve been to many, many seminars like this one and have read many books on the subject, and have never put so many things into action so quickly as I did after your seminar. You had so many practical, easy to implement things to do that have created more time and focus in my life. Thank you so much!!!!
— Tarie MacMillan
Cynde has been an incredible asset to our company. As a new business owner, I didn’t know the first thing about accounting or Quickbooks. First, she helped me set up our company in Quickbooks, then she trained me on not only how to accomplish tasks in the software, but also gave me a basic understanding of accounting principles. She continues to support our company with monthly and quarterly corporate taxes and reviews our “books” regularly to ensure the highest integrity. I’ve also attended Cynde’s “Reading Financial Statements – The Language of Business” seminar, which was extremely helpful to understand the bigger picture of our company’s finances. I have referred Cynde to a number of friends who own businesses and will continue to refer her. She’s friendly, easy to work with and has a razor sharp knowledge of Quickbooks and the underlying accounting principles.
— Kim Thompson, Thompson Studios
I have known Cynde Alloway of Common Sense Business Solutions, Inc. for well over five years. She has been a friend of our family as well as having working for me on a consulting basis. My wife and I wanted to start a business but didn’t know where or how to begin. Cynde was instrumental in guiding us through the entire process and helped us get our business out of the box and into the marketplace. Cynde will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. And that has kept me from making some very costly mistakes. I would give my recommendation without hesitation.
— Keith Wescott, Pressed4time of Brandon, FL
I would highly recommend Common Sense Business Solutions. I started a new business without any prior, serious financial knowledge, and turned to Cynthia at Common Sense Business Solutions, Inc. for help after one year. With her help, we have gone from trying to guess our financial situation, to actually having a clear financial picture of our company. She has trained me to keep up-to-date, accurate financial and administrative reports, so I always know where our company is at. I would say her guidance and training have been absolutely crucial to our current financial success.
— Chris Marshall, C-N-C Air Conditioning, Inc.
We have worked with and known Cynde for two years now. She has integrity and professionalism, is trustworthy and honest as well as having complete knowledge of helping us grow our business. Cynde has patience to deal with teaching us, who have little knowledge of “keeping our books” for our business. She is not only our financial consultant, but also our friend. Cynde has the ability to train people with ease and confidence in her seminars/workshops and we always look forward to learning more at each session. Cynde always goes “above and beyond the call of duty” in business as well as in friendship. If she believes in you, it is with her heart and soul and her friendship and/or business relationship will be lifelong. We definitely recommend Cynde for any endeavor she puts forth.
— Tom and Suzanne Goldtrap, On-Site Blinds & Shutters, LLC
I wanted to thank-you for the great job that you did with “Reading Financial Statements - The Language of Business”. It was very informative with useful information. I enjoyed the “hands on” exercises that we did. This was an excellent way to apply what we were being taught to real world scenarios. I found too, that this workshop was very helpful for me to better understand Quick Books. Cynthia did a great job & I would strongly recommend this workshop to anyone whom wants to better understand their business language. It was well worth the investment.
— David Ciardiello, Mad Science of Tampa Bay
Amazing Guide

Cynde Alloway has been amazing. She assisted me with many pressing issues at tax time and guided me in areas that I lacked knowledge. She understands small business needs and best of all, my specific needs. She is a good listener and very accessible and responsive. She is clearly quite experienced and has a passion for helping others do things in an organized way. I am very happy with the services she has provided.

Best Investments That Our Company Has Made

Absolutely one of the best investments that our company has made. Cynde has helped us keep our books for more than 5 years, and we have never had cause for complaint. She is punctual, friendly, knowledgeable, and very proficient at what she does. We trust her completely. Her expertise allows us to worry about our business and not our books. She has honestly saved us many hours and dollars. We give her 5 stars!
I am the Executive Director of a Fine Arts Center, a 501c3, non-profit organization. We were referred to Cynde Alloway by our accountant when we decided to change our bookkeeping to QuickBooks. Our overall rating on Cynde is definitely 5 stars! She has been an amazing help and her knowledge of QuickBooks could not be better. She is always prompt with her appointment times and very pleasant and helpful. I would highly recommend Cynde to anyone deciding to change their bookkeeping to QuickBooks.
— Dawn Galia
I have utilized Cynde services for various clients of mine who are elderly and need someone to help them figure out a budget, pay their bills on time and get them organized. Cynde is extremely trustworthy and reliable and does excellent work. I highly recommend Cynde Alloway!
— Laurie Ohall, Law Offices of Laurie Ohall
I’ve been working with Cynde for over ten years and there’s a good reason for it. Not only does know the In and Outs of Quickbooks like a master, but more importantly, she has a tremendous understanding of the “beat” of small business: cash flow, vendor issues and the difficulty of balancing growth with limited resources. She’s a great pro and I consider myself lucky that she is on my side.

— Mark Wiskup, Mark Wiskup Communications, Inc.
Cynthia Instills Confidence

Cynthia came to me through the confidence of a referral. She graciously squeezed me in at tax time at the last minute. Cynthia is very personable and creates an air of ease around her. She not only corrected and cleaned up what I had begun; she also taught me along the way. She took the QuickBooks Pro that I had setup and made it more streamlined for my small organizing business. Along the way she freely shared her business knowledge to help me further my business goals. Cynthia instills confidence and exceeds expectations in the small business arena. It is my pleasure to recommend Cynthia to anyone who needs help with QuickBooks, financial counseling and business coaching. Perhaps 5 stars is not enough.
You are the Queen of Quickbooks!! You helped me out a frustrating situation I would have NEVER figured out. The online banking/direct deposit set up that wasn’t doing what it was suppose to do! I think we all learned something that day. What I had spend 2 days on you resolved in an hour!
— Tammy Morningstar, Morningstar Electric
When I first started my photography business I used QuickBooks to be able to print invoices. I didn’t understand all the other features and reports to QuickBooks until I met Cynde. Cynde’s vast knowledge in setting up, training and advice on how to improve my business has taken me to the next level in using QuickBooks. I now understand how to read the reports, pay my taxes accurately, and pull trend analysis reports and so much more. I can now say my books are in great shape and I know where my company stands today and it’s all thanks to Cynde. She is professional, friendly, and always made herself available to answer any questions I had and made sure I knew how to do things myself. Our meetings and class I attended with Cynde has benefited me immensely in my photography business. Her class was full of knowledge and she kept the attention of the participants by making it an interactive experience. She continues to be a great source of support for me and I would highly recommend and encourage anyone to use her services. Thanks Cynde for all you’ve done for me!!!!

— Trish Messerli, Messerli Photography