4 Simple Ways to Get Back into the Grind

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that sunny summer is gradually coming to an end. You may have taken a vacation, you may have spent time with family and friends, but with the air getting cooler and September in full swing, it’s time to get back into the grind. Here are four quick and easy tricks (or “hacks”) that can help you re-fresh, re-focus, and ready yourself for the challenges ahead.

Analyze Your Progress

I have written about this in previous articles, and I am going to re-iterate it again here: you NEED to self-evaluate. As a business owner, nobody is breathing down your neck telling you when to wake up, when to work, what time you need to be in at the office: it’s YOU. Richard Branson has said the “greatest enemy you can face is yourself.” He is absolutely correct; you often have to overcome your own mind to combat procrastination and meet your goals. You may need to check in with your CPA to determine if you are facing any tax issues. This time of year gives you plenty of time to address this before it becomes a year end crisis. Check out my article on goal setting and analyzing progress.

Catch Up, But Don’t Multi-Task

It has been well documented that multi-tasking actually takes much longer than focusing on a single task at a time. We often think that we have the unique “ability” to get things done faster when managing a few tasks at a time. Yet even those who claim that ability have been tested as performing slower than consolidating all energy and focus on one activity at a time. Instead, keep a detailed calendar and map out what you expect to accomplish that day, with a time allotted to the task. You may find that you get more done, or that you need more help.

Set aside specific times where you can cancel out distractions

Find the perfect time of day where you notice you are most productive. Is it first thing in the morning? Or right after a run/workout? Organize your schedule so you place the most important thing of the day into that time slot, silence your phone, and close your office door. If FaceBook, Twitter, or other social media are a necessary part of your day, then allot a time for that on your calendar and once you are done, shut it down. The distractions of constantly running social media are huge time stealers! Lots of professionals set specific times where they monitor their inboxes per day – this is a smart strategy, if your business allows it.

Remember downtime

This can be far more important than realized. You may find yourself in panic mode, dealing with a crisis, or trying to catch up with impossible loads of work. It is important not to forget the reasons you work so hard at what you do. For many it is to support a family and spend time with them – make sure that you don’t lose sight on that purpose. Schedule time where you can relax; many successful people meditate. Another activity that the top CEO’s and leaders of the world practice heavily, is reading. The average American barely reads more than one book a year. Even if it isn’t a book, finding an educational or informative read is a good way to settle down after a long work day, while learning something new.

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