Taking Action on your Business Ideas

For the aspiring entrepreneur, the world is filled with potential. The open-minded business owner is often a dreamer, one who constantly analyzes and screens the world around them, searching for problems, and then generating ideas and solutions to match those problems. Although it is often thought of this way, a small business owner or startup entrepreneur does not need to create the next Facebook or Uber; you can hunt for improvements in your own environment, especially by seeking areas of improvement in your own industry. What I seem to find is that there is usually no shortage of ideas, but typically lacking is the ability to jump-start them. It feels satisfying to fill your calendar up with tasks at the beginning of the week, but what can you do to make sure you complete what you assign yourself?

            Time and tasks are so important, but often mistreated. It is easy to get caught up with tasks that force you to be working inside your business, and often as a startup, there is no way around this. At the end of the day, however, you are in business to make money. Begin by analyzing your tasks in this light: does this work directly relate to revenue? If it does, funnel large amounts of energy into it. Administration tasks can be either outsourced or set aside to less competitive time slots. Do not surrender to the "tyranny of the urgency" either. Stick to your schedule and do not allow tasks to remove you from your primary goals. These tips are powerful ways to allow you to focus on what actually gets done at the end of the day. Many an aspiring entrepreneur loves to talk about the amount of hours they put in, or how early they get up every day. What would be far more impressive is how much work they get done each day - and time is not a measure of productivity.

            There is a temptation for a business owner to have the "do-everything-yourself" philosophy. The benefits of leaving some parts of your business to experts, however, are often far greater than the cost. For example, one of the most commonly suggested sections of your business to outsource are the benefits and payments for your employees. This industry rapidly changes with every new law passed that affects small businesses. A business owner would have to make sure compliance is met with not only Federal but state laws as well. Mistakes made in this section are not a pleasant experience, and there is no worse feeling than letting your employees down with a payroll mistake. This is just one example of how to make your operation more efficient.

            With so much going on in your business, and so many new ideas that can be explored, it is a good idea to have an extra set of experienced eyes to watch over you. A business coach is another, often over-looked tool to help you stay on track with any new idea implementation process and business success. Common Sense Business Solutions has been helping small to medium sized businesses in the Southeastern United States since 1993. Call 813.661.0049 or visit csbspro.com to learn more about implementing new ideas, fixing issues plaguing your business, or what you can do to bring your operation to the next level.


Cynthia Alloway is the president of Common Sense Business Solutions, Inc., a leading business coaching firm that assists small and medium sized business owners in solving business problems, growing their companies, and transitioning their legacy to the next generation. Cynthia is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor and has a wealth of experience in serving clients in the Southeast. Learn more at http://www.commonsensebizsolutions.com/president-bio/.