Peachtree Discontinuation

Discontinuation of Peachtree - What should you do?

Business owners who are familiar with Sage and Peachtree accounting software programs are most likely aware of Sage's decision to discontinue the operation and support of Peachtree accounting software. Customers may wish to upgrade to the Sage 50 platform, should they choose to continue their accounting software provider relationship with Peachtree.

Before making the decision to find another software or switch to Sage 50, take a look at this article to see my thoughts and suggestions on this situation.

Sage accounting software has been around for a long time, and Peachtree product lines were excellent for small business owners. The Sage 50 system, on the other hand, is more akin to companies with a slightly larger structure than your normal small, local business. In laymen's terms, it is simply overkill for the average small business owner, mostly due to its overly complex nature and pricing.

A much more affordable and better suited platform for the small business owner is Intuit's QuickBooks. While I do recommend this product line for the small or family business owner, there are a few concerns that I would like to address. Several clients of mine involved in this transition from Peachtree to QuickBooks have mentioned that when contacting Intuit, they get sold a product that isn't necessarily the best fit for their company. Now aware of the situation, I ask my clients consult with me prior to making the call, and I encourage other small business owners to consult with their business coach as well before making such an important switch.

Business owners who are considering transitioning to QuickBooks need to be aware of possible issues. Many think that the transition from Peachtree will cause you to have to start your accounting from scratch. This is not the case, and with the assistance of a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, you can convert your Peachtree data into QuickBooks format. It is not advisable to attempt without the proper technical know-how and tech support that comes with the Pro Advisor status.

Despite the pros and cons of each, the best way to make a decision is to talk with a business coach or Pro Advisor about whether to convert to QuickBooks or upgrade. While Sage 50 may be very appropriate for some businesses, others may want to explore whether QuickBooks would be a better fit for their accounting needs. Common Sense Business Solutions has been serving business owners in Tampa since 1993, and can gladly assist you in making your accounting software decision. We have experience in these types of conversions and can help you from the initial conversion and implementation to complete training if QuickBooks makes more sense for your business. Learn more at or just give me a call at 813.661.0049.  

Cynthia Alloway is the president of Common Sense Business Solutions, Inc., a leading business coaching firm that assists small and medium sized business owners in solving business problems, growing their companies, and transitioning their legacy to the next generation. Cynthia is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor and has a wealth of experience in serving clients in the Southeast. Learn more at